Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lowsec, I still like you.

The rust is showing, and not just on my freshly assembled Loki. Fumbling with my scan probes it takes me a while to realise there has been a change to the filter system, causing the signatures to disappear once their type has been resolved, after enabling the filters things go much more smoothly, although I am still quite slow and clumsy resolving each signature.

I've saved the location of two different wormholes and I'm working on a third signature in the system when I notice there is another pilot registered in the local channel. How long has she been there? Is that the same gal from the last lowsec system I was scanning? What was she flying again? Even though I am safely cloaked off grid, I need to remember to pay more attention to these sorts of things.

Directional scanner reports a Vexor and ten scan probes within range, five of them are mine, of the Sister's faction variety, the others however are the generic tech 1 version. Those probes and the cruiser weren't on scan when I arrived, so its a good bet that they belong to the new arrival. Narrowing the range on directional I try to track down the Vexor's location, losing it several times as it warps around. It is good practice however, and judging by how long it takes me to find them each time, shows it is sorely needed.

Finally I have a good bead on her and she appears to be sitting still, whats more interesting is that all the probes are also showing on the narrow angle scan, meaning she is likely at the signature I was just working on. I quickly finish probing it down, revealing a Magnometric site. I initiate a warp to a reasonable distance off the signature, hoping not to be decloaked, and drag my probes outside the range of directional scanner, although by this stage the pilot has had ample time to spot them.

Landing a mere 15km from the Vexor surprises me, was I planning on engaging them? I guess I was, although I hadn't given it a great deal of thought beyond "Lets see if I can locate this mofo for practice".
She is moving away from me at a fair clip, my cloaked ship unable to keep pace with her as she quickly out ranges me.

A quick check of the pilots history shows she is only a few months old, losing a different Vexor at the start of the month, the fit aimed at lowsec exploration. I completely outgun this poor las, even if my tech 3 cruiser is configured primarily as a scan boat. The site's residents are moving to intercept her cruiser and a flight of tech 1 drones are plopped out in response, its only after they start zooming towards the locals that I realise I'm directly inbetween the two sides and stand a fair chance of being decloaked by the mechanical minions, a quick course correction and they end up skirting just under 10km from me.

Watching as the mag site's defense fleet is slowly whittled down, I wonder how I'm going to actually catch this cruiser, my Loki having a substantial locking delay after decloaking and the Vexor cruising around the outskirts of the site far outside my range, as the drones do their dirty work. I try to align myself to where the Vexor is going to be, judging by its speed and orbit but can't quite seem to get it right, before realising that I don't have to chase her, I know exactly where she is going to head.

The prize loot being held within the canister's at the center of the site, she is going to head towards them sooner or later. I work at keeping myself in between them and my intended victim and it isn't long after the locals are dispatched and the drones recalled, that the Vexor's heading changes directly toward me.

Aligning directly towards the cruiser, I wait until she is within 30km before decloaking, activating my micro warp drive and barreling straight towards her. Repeatedly ordering my targeting computer to lock as our ships collide head on. The lock is finally established, disruptor and guns activated as I order a close orbit, her goose is shortly cooked.

I make an attempt to lock down the pod but it zips away post haste, and once again proving that New Eden has the universe's nicest victims, she congratulates me on the kill in local. A private conversation is struck up and I'm more than happy to explain how I snagged her and offer some advice on avoiding the same fate again in the future.

Warping to one of the wormholes I scanned earlier, I can only hope I'll be so friendly and well mannered when I meet my explosive end.

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  1. Woo, nice kill! Your situational awareness paid off there.