Sunday, January 8, 2012

Careless Covetor

There is a mining barge and canister on scan, and he isn't at the tower bookmark I prepared earlier. I didn't bother bookmarking all the signatures in this system when I was here before, I didn't expect to be back before the connection closed.

To make me further regret my earlier laziness, the solar system is tiny, making it impossible for me to drop probes somewhere they won't be visible on directional scan. Warping off grid from the tower I launch the probes, send them out of the solar system as quickly as possible and re cloak. It doesn't appear that the pilot noticed, I carefully narrow down his rough whereabouts using directional scanner, move the probes roughly into position and hit scan.

The results are in, near miss, I make some slight tweaks to the probes, scanning, success. Warping to the ship at 100km I throw the probes back outside the solar system. The Covetor happily mines away into the can, which I bookmark, grateful not to be decloaked by a nearby rock. Bouncing off the closest celestial before initiate warp directly to the can, decloaking while en route, reloading short range ammo and priming my systems.

Landing 2km's from the Covetor I lock him down and open fire. A nice tight orbit is established as I watch for any signs of the ship attempting to align out, or any allies coming to help. He seems quite content sitting still as my autocannons return his barge to the asteroid belts from whence it came.

The pod remains stationary and I crack it like I'm planning a pod pilot omelet. I do love how we can now see what implants the poor buggers lose. I loot the wreck and while I would love to claim some kind of clever baiting strategy, I warp off leaving the can and corpse floating in space. While cloaked at the local tower tinkering with my overview settings and trying to find the corpse option, before finally remembering its called biomass, my watch list shows the freshly murdered soul disconnect.

Moments later another member of the victims corp connects and appears at the tower in a cheetah covert ops. I watch in dismay as he boards a Harbinger battlecruiser, which I'm not confident in pitting my expensive tech3 cruiser against. I decide to write the corpse and can loot off, and I'm about to my exit wormhole when the pilot suddenly switches ships into a Catalyst destroyer and warps off in the direction of the grav site. A destroyer, I'll take a crack at that.

I make an assumption and warp to zero on the can, decloaking in warp again to let the locking delay do its thing. I land right next to the poor chap and lock him up.

Another ship is returned to the asteroid gods, hopefully appeasing them after these fellows pillaged their holy arkonor.

This pod is on the ball and high-tails it out of there. I take my leave of their hole, abandoning the can there to tempt them once more. I like to think he sat there in the shields, watching, the can taunting him, urging him to rescue the precious minerals, before it finally decayed, rejoining the Covetor and Catalyst.

Damnit, I forgot to overheat my guns again.


  1. Another miner bites the dust, woo! It's funny to see people people return to the scene in a ship just as squishy to the attacker.

    Then again, I keep going back for a second strike when I know I'll be countered. Some people never learn.

  2. For the sake of our fun, lets hope they never learn either =D