Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Hulking good time

The locals have been busy in my absence. I've missed another tower being anchored and onlined, several new pilots already sitting snugly inside the shield. I add the new arrivals to my watch list and do a little intel gathering.

Bouncing around between celestials shows a Probe frigate out and about, I seem to be a step behind each warp, finally losing track of them on d-scan. A check back at the new tower shows the latest arrivals appear to be gearing up for a mining operation. Two Hulk mining barges and a Badger Mark II hauler, all piloted within the shield, the similar names of the pilots indicating they belong to the same individual.

I don't have to wait long, the three potential victims all warping out of the tower. My earlier scouting efforts paying off, I follow straight to the grav site. The Probe is also here, I assume he scanned down the site and provided a warp in. The Hulks waste no time, they begin zapping away at an asteroid, a can appearing in the midst of the group, allowing me a convenient bookmark.

The four ships pose somewhat of a dilemma, while I only have a single point fit, I want to kill all of them. Several options occur to me, jumping out to kspace to refit a few more points, look to call in some backup from my short contact list (damn you antisocial tendencies!), point one ship and attempt to bump another. The extra points or backup being the better option, although by this stage the wormhole links I entered by are long since decayed.

Finally I decide a Hulk in warp disruptor range is worth two in the.. not warp disruptor range? I don't know, I've never been very good at deciphering these old phrases. I initiate warp to the can, as soon as the drive engages I drop my cloak, prime my systems and lock up the closest schmuck in a Hulk.

I tear the Hulk to pieces as his companions suddenly remember they left the iron on at their POS, the pod sticking around to watch the flashy lights finds himself snared as well. Nearly 500mil worth of hardware going up in smoke, lamenting the loss of the fancy shield booster, I grab what I can from the wreckage and call it a day.


  1. Oh yeah, another Hulk bites the dust! Good job on deciding to go for the definite one kill (and snaring his pod in the process) rather than getting tangled up and letting them both get away.

    Depending on how squishy it is, it may have been possible to pop the Badger before it warped out but keeping your point on the Hulk. That way, you wouldn't have risked missing the Hulk and maybe got a second kill. Just a thought.

  2. Nuts, I didn't even consider that. And it was sitting stationary too :(

    In hindsight I should have tried to ram a hulk, pointed the other and tried to volley the hauler/probe.

    I just got struck by "Quick do something! They'll all warp off" syndrome.

    I also wonder how refitting with a bunch of smart bombs would go for a situation like that, decloak locking delay be damned.